CSA Program Guidelines

Because we want our CSA Program to be a great experience for our customers we have created a set of Guidelines to help our customers navigate the process.

What is a CSA

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and is a program for community members to help support their local farms.  This is done by pre-paying for your produce so the farm is able to buy seeds and critical supplies to produce the crops directly supporting their community.  It helps farms manage a tight cashflow so they can provide their customers with ample produce throughout the year.  We greatly appreciate your support of our program and our farm.

Your CSA Pick-up

Your First Pick-up — For our first CSA week we will send an email to all CSA participants the week prior to the first deliveries confirming the pick-up locations and providing detailed instructions of how to find your exact pick-up location which will be clearly marked on the day of pick-up.

Weekly Confirmation Emails – Weekly updates will be provided via email with any important updates as well as the expected ingredients in that week’s box.  Please be sure to read these emails carefully in case there are any changes to pick-up locations or instructions.  These updates are also provided at www.greatergreens.com

Pick-up Sign-in Sheets — Please be sure to check off your name on the sign-in sheet located at your pick-up location.  Your name, type of box and any important instructions or updates will be included in the sign-in area.

Pick-ups at Chapter Member locations – Please be respectful of pick-up staff or Chapter Members and be on time within the given timeframe.  Please be respectful of the chapter members property and follow pick-up instructions.  Please do not disturb these members with farm inquiries or feedback – please contact Greater Greens directly via our website or phone number with questions, concerns or inquiries.

Farmers Market Pick-ups — We have pick-up locations at several local farmers markets – for these pick-up locations the CSA section will be marked in a dedicated area.  This area will include a trade in area – where you can trade designated items your family does not prefer with alternative options.  Please be fair and abide by signage on which swaps are allowed.

Cancelation Policy – If for some reason you cannot make the pick-up time or location please try to make one of the following arrangements and give us a call or drop us an email letting us know:

  • Pick-up your share at an alternate location and time
  • Have an alternate person pick up your share
  • Donate your box to a local food shelter

If other arrangements can’t be made, to cancel a delivery for one week, please call our CSA farm number 973-960-3235, and leave a message no later than Friday 9:00am the week prior to your delivery or email us at csaprogram@greatergreens.com.  Please leave your name, phone number, pick-up location and the date for the canceled delivery.  Missed pick-ups that are not cancelled within this timeframe will still be charged the standard rate and will automatically be donated to our local food shelter.

Terminating Subscription – As part of a standard CSA farm box, subscriptions are paid for in advance.  Cancelations need to be communicated 3 months prior to the expected end date in order to get a refund or to cancel any further commitments.  This allows our farm to buffer the effects of the cancelation and prepare to sell the share to another customer.

Questions or Inquiries? — We stand by our products and services and would like to address any questions or concerns you may have.  Please either call us at 973-960-3235 or email us at csaprogram@greatergreens.com and we will work hard to get back to you with a response as soon as possible.