Bio-Intensive No-Till Farming

I have been gardening and small to mid-scale farming for most of my life.  I was born in Homer Alaska on a homestead and have lived in Southern, Central and Northern California, in Berlin Germany, in Basel Switzerland, now in Flanders New Jersey and have traveled all over the world for work and pleasure.  I have seen many, many different types of conventional and organic farming practices, but nothing has impressed me and lured me down a path as much as Bio-intensive Organic Farming.  These practices, while not entirely new, are gaining popularity on many mid-scale farms today, because they are showing not just a reduced footprint on the environment, but actually showing true reversal, to a large degree, of the damage that modern agriculture has inflicted on the planet.

At Greater Greens we work to bring our soil to life by combining these ancient farming practices that mimic mother nature’s natural cycles, with modern techniques that allow for optimal growth, pest prevention and high yields.  We eliminate tilling because it reduces soil organic matter and disrupts critical microorganisms that live on and below the soil.  This allows us to reduce water usage by more than 20,000 gallons of water per acre. This also allows us to avoid releasing Elemental Carbon and Nitrogen into the atmosphere as greenhouse gasses by fixing it into the soil where it belongs while also reducing soil erosion by more than 700%, further eliminating our reliance on synthetic fertilizers.